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Our chairs are specially designed to enhance individual efficiency and comfort. The concept of office furniture has shifted from the aesthetic, towards human engineering. And Godrej has been a pioneer in this field, where form must necessarily follow function, if efficiency is not to suffer. The primary aim is clearly comfort. And when it comes to Godrej Premium Executive Chairs, comfort has never looked better. Every element of the chair has been designed to effectively carry out a specific function.

From conference room’s tables to coffee tables, from secretary tables to upper management desking suites, we offer a range of beautiful products for every need.

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Breaking the endless monotony of highly organized and efficient corporate environments, Signature creates spaces that inspire style, innovation and sheer elegance. We bring to you these work stations in a host of options like desk based, column based, panel based or tile based work stations.

Optimizer, the high density storage system, aims to overcome the limitations of traditional storage systems. It uses intelligent design to provide more storage in the same space. Plus its sturdy construction and vibrant coloured tile body ensure the look of the office is not compromised. With its cavernous storage space, the Optimizer allows for maximum savings on rent. This and many other storage solutions available at Pragati Galleria.

To make the office complete we make cabins too. We even make glass or wooden full height partitions. You need any other customization? We do that too. All civil or wooden interior work is undertaken by us. So for that single contact solution call us.